SMS Campaigns

Why Should You Use Our SMS Campaign Service?
Text messaging is a personal and faster way in comparison with telephone calls, which are besides more expensive. The average rate of response to the SMS message is about 1-2 minutes. Therefore, it’s a widely used and effective approach. Nectar Desk SMS Campaign Service is perfect for updates informing, event invitations or cancellation notifying, polls & surveys, or simply any messages that must be quickly sent. Our software will interactively gather and process replies.

SMS Campaigns

Most popular service

Nectar Desk Business Texting platform offers an automated text-messaging solution, which assists businesses to manage two-way business interaction between software and text message receiver. Use the SMS Campaign function for forwarding both personalized and customized messages to groups of various sizes and further gathering and processing individual responses.
SMS Campaign features:
- Easily operated SMS Campaign sender- Ability to choose different Outbound SMS IDs- Possibility to type the text of the message once and it will be sent to hundreds of clients in a few minutes- The intuitive user interface or electronic spreadsheet- Convenient import/copy call list from Excel, .csv formats

SMS Short Codes

If you used to communicate with your clients with the help of the text messages and usually send a lot of SMS from regular numbers, in most cases, they may be getting flagged as spam by carriers. Thus, if you’ll be sending SMS messages as a part of the SMS Campaign, we highly recommend you use the SMS Shortcodes which have higher messaging throughput instead of the 10-digit numbers.
What are the Short Codes?
Short Codes are 5 to 6 digit numbers that can be used nationwide for various marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations, two-factor authentication, etc. These numbers will prevent your SMS from being marked as spam so you could contact numerous clients quickly and effectively.
Nectar Desk Short Codes Offering
We at Nectar Desk support the Short Codes numbers for SMS messaging and will be glad to provide you with this service. The price of the number is $3000/quarter. The price for the SMS message starts from 0.01$ for the USA and Canada.
To learn more about the pricing or in order to receive any other support, please contact us at .moc.ksedratcen%40troppus

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