SMS Automation with Pipedrive

SMS Automation with Pipedrive sends SMS to the client once the deal is moved to the next stage. The set-up procedure won’t take more than 4 minutes.

With the log SMS feature of Pipedrive and Nectar SMS integration active, when you send SMS from your Nectar account, a note will show up in Pipedrive under the contact that SMS was made to and under the deal this contact belongs to.
The way SMS automation works: 
In your Nectar SMS account, you have the ability to create automation with the help of a trigger.Just fill in the form, which should contain the information about the trigger’s name, select the required pipeline from your Pipedrive account, and the Pipedrive stage itself.
You can execute an SMS sending to existing contacts so that the text message will be sent not only to those clients who are constantly moving to the previously chosen Pipedrive stage but also to those ones, who already are at this very stage.Once the deal is moved to the same stage again, it’s also possible to make the system automatically send SMS to the client.
The next step is to fulfill the SMS Campaign form where you need to choose the Outbound SMS number, type the text of your SMS and select the trigger you’ve set up earlier.
Let us know if you are interested in the SMS automation with Pipedrive and we'll be glad to help you with the setup.