Ability to Send Texts Worldwide

Nectar SMS is able to send text messages to billions of people in 150+ countries.

Send text messages to billions of people all over the world with Nectar SMS. 
The benefits of our texting system:
Convenience: SMS messaging is quiet, convenient and easy to take advantage of as you save your time with our various options such as SMS Analytics, SMS History, Active SMS dashboard, and many others.
Affordability: SMS messaging with Nectar SMS software is extremely affordable as our service is available for just a few cents per message. The price may vary due to where in the world the message is delivered, but still, it’s very pleasant and much lower than the competitors’ price.
Speed: The procedure of sending the SMS is extremely fast. You can type in your message, send it, and have your recipient receive it within a few seconds.If you do not want to type the same message, again and again, you can use our Canned Responses option which is also available via Nectar SMS.
The free trial is the best way to experience all the benefits of our texting service on your own!