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  • How to send the SMS Message?

    To send a new SMS message to a client or customer you must first be logged in as an agent that has access to send SMS messages. If you have access to send messages you will see an SMS menu item.
    If you do not see this menu item you will need to have an administrator grant access (see Giving Agents SMS Capabilities).
    You can send a new message from the Active SMS page.
    First, navigate to the Active SMS page and select an Outbound SMS id number from the drop-down box.
    Next, enter in the customer/client number in the Phone# box. If necessary, you will have to change the country of the customer’s cell phone from the country selector drop-down on the left of the Phone# text box.
    After verifying the details you can click the Go! button which will load any customer details in the chatbox and start the conversation.
    To send the message, enter your message in the message text box and click the checkbox button beside the text box where the message was entered.
    You should see your sent message in the chat window.
    If the customer responds immediately, you will see the message in the chat window as well.
    If there have been any recent conversations, you can click on the client/customer name under Active Conversation and the message string will be displayed in the chat window.

  • Receiving SMS Messages

    When messages arrive outside of the SMS chat session they are placed in the SMS Inbox. The currently signed in Agents that have access to SMS will receive a notification in the top left corner of the screen.
    Clicking on the START button beside the message in the inbox will automatically load it and any recent conversation into the Active SMS chat screen.
    Once the conversation is completed, if the agent clicks on the complete conversation button, the new message will be removed from the SMS Inbox and archived.
    The entire chat history can be viewed from the Active SMS window by selecting the outgoing Id entering the customer’s phone number and clicking the Go button.
    Or if it was a recent conversation clicking on the Name in the recent conversation list.
    If the agent navigates away from the chat window before closing the conversation and the customer sends a new message, a notification will be displayed in the Active SMS menu option as well as beside the customer’s information under recent conversations.

  • Canned Responses

    We have a new cool function for our SMS Feature – Canned Responses or SMS Templates.To create an SMS Template please follow these steps :Go to SMS in the left side menuClick on SMS SettingsEnter a title and a textSave Settings

  • SMS Dispositions

    SMS Dispositions are very useful for Nectar Desk clients who are actively using our 2-way Business Text Messaging / SMS Feature.Where to find the configuration page?– Under Settings, there is a tab SMS Dispositions. It’s pretty much the same to calls dispositions.Options: Activate? – Yes/NoForce Agent? – Yes/No (logic is the same)Dispositions also can be reordered by dragging them.When should the disposition window appear?After you press Complete Conversation the Disposition Pop Up will appear. Same design as for calls dispositions. SMS Dispositions are stored in SMS History under the Action column.

  • SMS Notes

    Simplify your workflow – add internal notes to the required SMS conversation so your colleagues could see your comments.
    How you may leave a note?
    If you used to communicate with your clients with the help of text messages, SMS Notes will be very helpful in order to pass some tasks on to your colleagues or, in case you have Admin or Supervisor rights, you could help your agents to handle SMS conversations leaving a hint by the way of SMS Notes.
    To leave an internal note, you just need to go to the “Active SMS” section, choose the required conversation >”Internal Note” and type your message. Then “Add Note” and that’s it, the note is now visible for your team members.

  • SMS Analytics

    Track the SMS messages you’ve sent with the help of Nectar Desk advanced SMS Analytics.One of the key features of the company’s success is tracking the level of customers’ satisfaction. Nectar Desk solution provides its clients with numerous reports which can easily help to handle this case on the call and SMS level.Let’s get acquainted with the SMS Analytics.What data can you track?Thanks to our SMS Analytics you can monitor the next information:1. Total Inbound Sms Conversation – the number of conversations your clients started (it counts the general number of conversations, not single SMS messages).2. Total Answered Inbound Sms Conversation – this is the inbound conversations, handled by the agents in the system.3. Average First Response Time calculates the time between the SMS was received and answered by the agent.4. Average Conversation Duration displays how much time the conversation was active prior to being completed.5. Total Outbound Sms Conversation – the number of messages sent by you or your agents.

  • SMS Campaigns

    Nectar Desk offers an automated text-messaging solution, which assists you to manage two-way business interaction with your customers. With the aid of our SMS Campaigns, you can text hundreds of clients worldwide within a few minutes.
    How to initiate the SMS Campaign?
    The SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text. It’s similar to an email campaign but is faster and easier to create with the help of the Nectar Desk solution.
    The set-up procedure is really easy and quick. To start the campaign, follow the next steps:
    Go to the SMS section > SMS Campaign > Create Campaign .
    Fill in the fields below.
    Name your campaign and type the Message itself. Select the Outbound SMS ID, keep in mind that the number you select should obviously be SMS enabled. If you turn on the Ongoing Campaign option, the system will send the text message to every newly added to the list contact.
    We at Nectar Desk handle 2 scenarios of SMS Campaigns:
    1 – a campaign based on the contact list;
    2 – a campaign based on pipelines from Pipedrive.
    Let’s dive deeper into each of them.
    1. List-based Campaign
    If you want to send text messages to your clients from the previously uploaded contact list, enable Use Lists option, select the required list and schedule campaign if needed. Don’t forget about Override Business Hours settings: select your time zone, days and working hours so you could be sure the SMS won’t be sent to your clients when they are outside of the office.
    2. SMS Automation with Pipedrive
    If your use-case is the second one and you want to initiate a campaign based on pipelines from Pipedrive, omit Use Lists option and select previously created trigger instead.
    How to create a trigger?
    To create a trigger, you need to go to Aumonations > Trigger > Add Trigger.
    Then fill in the form, which should contain the information about the trigger’s name, select the required pipeline from your Pipedrive account and the Pipedrive stage itself.
    You can execute an SMS sending to existing contacts so that the text message will be sent not only to those clients who are constantly moving to the previously chosen Pipedrive stage but also to the ones, who already are at this very stage.
    Once the deal is moved to the same stage again, it’s also possible to make the system automatically send SMS to the client.
    When the trigger is created, you need to go to the SMS Campaign settings in order to end up the set-up procedure (Business Hours, campaign scheduling, etc).
    Once the Save button is pressed, your SMS Campaign is ready to go.
    Nectar Desk SMS Campaign Service is perfect for updates informing, event invitations or cancellation notifying, polls & surveys, or simply any messages that must be quickly sent. Our software will interactively gather and process replies.
    We also provide our clients with the SMS History and Outbound SMS reports so you could make sure your text messages were successfully delivered to your customers. Pull a report to see all outbound messages you’ve sent for a selected date range with the possibility to check their status.
    Have questions? Ask us at moc.ksedratcen%40troppus and we’ll be glad to the response.

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