Canned Responses

 We appreciate your time and have a nice option for texting purposes called Canned Responses - preset templates for your text messages, which save your time and help to be more productive.

Do find yourself typing the same message over and over? We have a solution for you!
Canned Responses are predetermined responses to the text messages. It’s a quick and convenient way of communicating with your clients which saves your time as there is no need to type the same message again and again for each customer. All you need is to create a template and choose it once composing a new SMS for your client.
Why do you need it?
Nectar SMS users may choose the pre-recorded response from a drop-down menu, and it gets inserted into his response. The representative becomes more productive this way, and the client receives a more carefully crafted answer.
You can create as many predetermined answers as you want for further usage - contact us and we'll help with the setup.