How to Increase SMS Response Rates

How to Increase SMS Response Rates

It’s a well-known fact that SMS is the most widely-used channel for communication. Usually, the texts are opened up to 98% of the time when received. 

Due to the fact that SMS messaging is actually a two-way channel of communication, let's dive deeper into it and figure out how to increase your SMS Response Rates. 

Business SMS function encourages person-to-person interactions which can lead to conversational marketing opportunities. But what to do when the SMS response rates are low?

For sure, there are lots of reasons why customers don’t respond to your texts. Let’s do your best from your side to increase SMS Response Rates. 

Make it more personal

The most personalized your messages are, the more likely your customers will pay attention. Create SMS Canned Responses that indicate custom fields based on your CRM. First of all, begin your messages by addressing the respondents with First names (and Last names if your company is more formal). 

Also, it’s possible to send messages based on the customers’ history with your company. Or send different types of communication the reader may want to receive. Make it feel more personal using other variables that will help align the message to the specific customers. Personalized texts have a much higher chance of conversation.

Send messages at an appropriate time

One of the easiest ways to increase SMS response rates is to send the messages when your customers can actually reply to them. Avoid sending texts late at night or early morning. 

If your brand is in multiple regions, don’t forget to consider time zones. The best time to text during traditional business hours (9 am-5 pm). Avoid Mondays as professionals can be busy for the coming working week. Avoid, also, Fridays as professionals may already be at home or be done with work for the week.

Provide Interactive Content

It seems to be obvious, but it’s important. If you send only static content, like any announcements, customers won’t feel as if they need to text back. And low SMS marketing response rates are common with these kinds of messages. Try to create content that encourages customers to respond. Call-to-action (CTA) is an influential way to grab the attention of customers. CTAs offer your customers to get engaged with the message and encourage them to take action. If you’d like to increase SMS response rates, try to make CTA as intuitive and straightforward as clicking a link. But don’t just include a website link, ask customers to click on it.

Provide follow-up messages

Sometimes it can happen that your customers ignore your texts due to their schedule. Remember that customers are only human and they tend to forget even the most important messages. Then it’s your responsibility to provide them with a polite reminder. After some time, send a follow-up message. For example, send follow-ups after a few days, a week, and a month. But be careful, and do not insist on too many follow-ups. After three or four messages, give your customers some space.

Hopefully, these points will help you to improve communication with your audience and increase SMS response rates. 

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