How to Choose a Perfect Text Messaging Solution for Your Business

How to Choose a Perfect Text Messaging Solution for Your Business

It's an open secret that nowadays most spheres of business can't successfully exist and grow without involving interpersonal communication. You talk to your colleagues, partners and, of course, clients every single day, discussing various matters and becoming more professional and skilled, don’t you? 

Moreover, when it's necessary to reach many people at one time quickly and efficiently, SMS messaging usually comes to help. It's much easier to compose a message, send it to hundreds of customers in a few clicks and manage their responses within a user-friendly interface than to spend long hours dialing clients and repeating the same information several times.

But how can you keep in touch with hundreds of customers both comfortably and efficiently in the world of instantly growing competition? Of course, choosing reliable proper platforms to facilitate your work. And here’s where the Business Text Messaging service comes into a play.

So let's dive deeper into the key aspects of choosing the best texting system for your business. Here we go!

High delivery rate

Nectar Desk SMS helps you connect to every customer in your database, anywhere in the world, any time with maximum precision and minimal effort. We always take into consideration how important it is for your business to keep in touch with your clients. That's why we guarantee the message delivery just within a few seconds after the Send button was pressed. No delays = no damage to your business.

Nectar Desk also provides you with an Inbox feature that allows your clients to send a text reply back to you. Engage your subscribers in a two-way chat, answering any questions they may have. Thanks to notifications, we will automatically notify you once someone sends you an inbound message. Incoming SMS messages are free.


Whatever is your goal, either to inform your clients about the new service you provide, remind participants about the webinar or let the staff know not to come to the office tomorrow, our canned responses and SMS scheduling feature are keen to help out.

With the canned response option you may preset the template and simply choose it from the drop-down while creating the SMS instead of typing the message again and again.

You can also schedule SMS sending or even initiate the SMS campaign when you're not at PC - be sure Nectar SMS will send it for you at the appropriate time.

Sharing files

Well, there are so many restrictions around, let's feel free using Nectar SMS!

Include attachments as well as links to your text message, so you could share the fully presented information with your clients. Shrink your hyperlinks down to just a few characters so they don't take up a lot of your available characters within your SMS with our built-in shorten URL option.

One-to-One Communication

Have you ever thought about the benefits of one-to-one-communication?

We think it's a very powerful and efficient way to build partnerships and exchange the information, because it improves productivity, delivers meaningful, personalized feedback and benefits everyone. 

One-to-one SMS communication can be carried out directly from your Nectar Desk account to your client's mobile phone. We will notify you the instant he sends you an answer. And remember: incoming SMS messages are absolutely free at Nectar :)

Start sending text messages now to experience the benefits of our Business SMS solution. 

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