Get back to your customers through SMS

Get back to your customers through SMS

Time flies and many businesses are now getting back to their daily routine. There are many important things to deal with, but client communication is mostly the top-priority. To reconnect with clients and share the freshest news and last updates are the key part of every business, so we've decided to present to you the benefits of the SMS channel to make it real and as easy as possible.

It's an open secret that customers want to hear from businesses - they should never feel abandoned. So the thing you should definitely do is constantly get in touch with them. Send an update about your top-project, inform your customers about the newly released features, explain what discounts you're offering - simply stay in touch, and you'll obviously build reliable and strong relations with your clients.

The experience shows that the companies which keep in touch with customers, get more feedback than those waiting for the client to reach out to them first. Therefore, we’ve put together a few helpful messaging tips to make your messages more friendly and informative:

Always use your client's first name when addressing him

Usually, people respond strongly to seeing their name, so you'll get your customer's full attention, and they'll tend to read your message more attentively. Moreover, using a person's name makes them feel important and validated, strong feelings you want your customer to feel during any interaction. 

But what to do if you want to send a mass SMS and there are hundreds of clients on your list? To send texts one by one is not a solution. Chin up! We at Nectar SMS have a nice feature called placeholders.

Placeholders substitute for every custom field you have in your account - when writing the text of your SMS, you can insert the placeholder %name% or %first name%, and our system will pick up your client's name automatically. As a result, minimum efforts and maximum attention and respect for your customers.

Here is how the message you type looks like

Here is how the message you type looks like

And here is the message your client receives

And here is the message your client receives

Spread the word

Let your customers know that you’re back up and running with the SMS campaign send. Make the group of people aware of new opening hours or some other changes related to your business. Update customers on changes to services or price lists by sending helpful attachments - by the way, our MMS functionality may become a great assistant.

Launch a new offer

 It's hard to find a better way to welcome back your customers than with an in-store exclusive offer. You may send a simple discount code to your customer base to help increase footfall and as a little thank you to those who’ve supported your business over the last few weeks. Or you may offer a nice price reduction for the newcomers - cheer them up, they'll definitely appreciate it,

These are just some examples of how SMS can help support your business reconnect with customers at a time when it matters most.

We’re more than happy to provide you with our services to help your business return to the usual workflow quickly and easily. We have the advanced SMS functionality for both small and big businesses, so every our client could feel comfortable with Nectar SMS. 

Set up your Nectar SMS account now. It’s quick and easy to sign up, but we’re also on hand to help with setting up and sends whenever you need us.