Benefits of Cloud Phone SMS

Benefits of Cloud Phone SMS

All we know about SMS. Even more, we get SMS almost every day. So why don’t we use it in business?

SMS or texting is already a vital part of getting your business’s name out there in the mobile-focused world we live in. Let’s find out more about Cloud Phone SMS and its benefits.

By the way, the term Cloud Phone SMS refers to text messages that are sent using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, which allows making phone calls over the internet.

From the very beginning of using SMS messaging, you can notice some of the benefits of this tool.

There is our list of main SMS benefits:

Immediate and direct delivery of the message

There’s no wait time when it comes to SMSing. You can be sure that your customers will receive your message straight away once you press the send button.Also, SMS is one of the most direct ways of communicating with customers. You can easily access customers without meeting face-to-face or making a phone call.

The personal part of the message

As SMS is directly sent to each customer, it’s so personal message. Nowadays, mobile phones are a great part of people’s lives and they are a kind of personal device. That’s why people will often respond with more personal immediacy.

Simple and easy way to use SMS

SMS is easy to set up and start to use for your business. Also, it’s familiar technology for most people. Everybody knows how to open, read and text a message. Even more, thanks to the limit of length (160 characters), messages are small, direct, concise, and go straight to the point.Whether that’s clicking on a link or taking the suggested actions such as canceling or rescheduling an appointment, it’s simple for your customer to understand and use. 

Efficient usage of SMS

SMS is pretty quick, and it’s also efficient – taking only seconds to reach a vast audience. It’s possible to schedule text messages so you can save time in planning your campaign. Even more, you don’t need to write each message individually, so groups of people can be targeted with scheduled texts.

Reliable rates of SMS

One of the biggest benefits of SMS is the fact that texts are opened up to 98% of the time when received. More often than not, your customers will open that message and read its contents. Also, mobile phones don’t generally come with a spam filter, let alone a spam box. Most SMS messages are generally safer than email which can deliver all kinds of suspicious attachments. Plus, delivery occurs within 48 hours to allow for phones being switched off or out of range of a signal.

Messages are a good way to communicate with your customers. And Nectar SMS Cloud Software will help you with it as it’s a highly effective tool to reach prospects.

Experience the Benefits of Cloud Phone SMS with us today!